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Curtain Walls

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Building envelope closing frames

Gualini S.p.A. designs and manufactures all closing frames for the building envelope, whether structural or simply in-filling, transparent or mat. 

For years Gualini S.p.A. has specialized in the design and construction of curtain walls and glass roofs in the different product types listed below:

  • External visible mullion and transom curtain walls: they have reached a high degree of perfection over time and now stand as a reliable and proven product. These walls have considerably evolved aesthetically. More specifically, external façade profiles are now available in such different shapes and colours to offer great freedom of design for the architectural study of the envelope. In addition to the "ordinary" aluminium façades, whose use is widespread and generalized, Gualini S.p.A. is able to set up curtain walls with profiles from painted steel , stainless steel or bronze. Façades made with these "new" materials, besides having a different aesthetic impact, also have different functional characteristics with improved performance, especially as regards fire resistance ratings.
  • Structural and semi-structural curtain walls: in the field of structural and semi-structural façades, Gualini S.p.A. offers a wide range of profiles and glazing and can provide solutions which, besides remarkably improving the aesthetics of the design, also provide outstanding interior living comfort.
  • Dual-skin curtain walls: this area includes development projects of "double-skin” curtain walls which provide wide and diversified architectural solutions and also offer considerable energy saving potential both in the winter and summer seasons. In these cases, a proper engineering of the facades is of essence. More specifically, this refers to the thermodynamic and energetic behaviour of the façades in order to determine the most appropriate type of envelope surface-finish, whether it be transparent or matt.
As briefly highlighted above, Gualini SpA, through its internal design department, is in a position to face and solve issues related to the perimeter walling and roofing of building envelopes by offering innovative solutions guaranteed by its decade-long experience in the industry.