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The U15 building is part of the new district of North Milanofiori made ​​on the basis of the master plan to Eric Van Egeraat. The design of the building was supervised by Cino Zucchi Architetti studio.

The building structure consists of cylinder-shaped columns and thin horizontal floor slabs in reinforced concrete, cast on side on prefabricated formworks.

The outer shell is divided in several layers which, combined, contribute to assure the required performance in terms of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

The innermost layer features an alternation of a strip with windows and doors with an opaque parapet forming a band, covered by panels in anodized aluminum.

The frames of the doors and windows are covered by elements in press-formed sheet metal with a V-profile; fixed panes and the doors and windows that open are made in glass panes with various compositions and surface treatments depending on how the façade is oriented with respect to the sun.

A series of horizontal elements placed at regular intervals support an external system of fixed sunscreens made from bent sheet aluminum with different profiles and depths, anodized like the elements mentioned in the foregoing, in four color variants from brown to gold, perforated with q numeric control system.

While the patterns formed by the sunscreen give the whole façade its character, the frequency, number and arrangements of the holes has been studied according to the inclination and intensity of sunrays in various hours and seasons on different sides.

Near the communal areas on the different floors there is a series of glass elements positioned flush with the outer walls, which may serve as greenhouse.

On the ground floor the outside of sunscreen form a sinuous profile which echoes the landscaping of the surrounding green areas.   

Curtain walls with thermalbreak modules. Curtain walls with uprights and crossbeams/selective structurale glazing - sound control. Aluminium shade roof with customized drilling.

Designers: General Planning Srl, Ing. Giovanni Bonini, Cino Zucchi Arch.

Fitted products/types/properties: Curtain walls with thermalbreak modules. Curtain walls with uprights and crossbeams/selective structurale glazing...