Integrated solutions for curtain walling and building envelope

Gualini is a company with a long tradition in the building envelope sector, a company that has grown throughout the years thanks to the commitment and dedication of the ownership and the team of employees. The constant innovation of manufacturing plants and the continuous evolution of the products place the company among the most important industries of the field in Italy.

“Art is continuous research, assimilation of past experiences, addition of new experiences, in the form, in the content, in the material, in the technique, in the means.”

Bruno Munari

Curtain walling, glass coverings, mullions/transoms curtain walls, ventilated facades and claddings, external coverings: Gualini is capable to realize to the letter every element of covering and exterior characterisation of the building.

Thanks to the predisposition to think big and design, Gualini has become the key player in many national and international high-quality constructions, such as airports, stadiums and sport centres, factories, exhibition buildings (for example the Expo 2015 “Palazzo Italia”). The product ranges are the result of a constant technological growth, an attention to details and a maniacal focus on the design and functionality. With the aim of a complete planning dedicated to every kind of complex building, Gualini is able to offer intelligent solutions with adaptable systems to the customer and project requirements. Furthermore, in the field of structural and semi-structural facades, Gualini offers a vast range of profiles and glasses and it is able to propose solutions that consent the realisation of an optimal internal comfort, in addition to a fine aesthetic value of the project.

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