Gualini Spa has been the protagonist, in recent years, of a deep process of internal innovation that has led it to adapt its structure and its governance to the increasingly demanding challenges of its sector while maintaining the principles and values that have always characterized the company: the individual, work, professionalism, loyalty. Among other things, the company has been equipped with precise reference documents – from the Charter of Values to internal regulations – to implement transparent processes and relationships inside and outwards.

The ongoing process has also led to increasingly managerial management and the care of the leadership Board, which now includes an operating chairman, a CEO and other shareholders.  

The recent entry into the Costim Group – which controls 60% of Gualini’s company – has also contributed to the need to refine the company’s management chain, which has to be capable of combining operational autonomy and coordination with the Group’s companies, for an increasingly effective and competitive presence in the market of its sector.

Organizational Chart

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