Gualini aims to offer specific and personalised solutions for the production of the building envelope, from doors and windows to facades, paying attention to professionalism in the design and installation, to the quality of the materials and to the continuous technological development.

Our People

The individual, as well as its work, is the first reference value of our company: an opportunity to promotion and realisation for the individual and collective well-being.

Gualini considers people a primary asset and for this reason, under the company’s mission, it undertakes to give value to the abilities and skills of everyone, good relations, confidence and a pleasant working environment.


Aware of reaping the benefits of the passion and the struggles of the people who had started the activity, Gualini is committed to work in continuity with inspiration and style. The company is characterised by the common sense of the family man, the importance given to the gradualness in the development and the requirement of preserving a solid business, a guarantee of positive spillovers on people and the territory.


Gualini aims to be a reliable partner for its clients and build confidence between internal and external relationships.

This means walk the talk, attention and respect for one’s word, punctuality in the performance of the tasks, loyalty to the company and to the colleagues by everyone.


In an era marked by significant changes and technological progress, Gualini pays particular attention to the developments of building and design technologies and keeps up with innovations.

This means to give value and strengthen internal resources and be always available to update the personal know-how reacting to external solicitations.

Dynamism and innovation also mean, for every worker, willingness, in accordance with personal features, to take on and perform the tasks that from time to time arise, in relation to company’s commitment.


Success is the result of shared commitment.

This general belief leads Gualini to work transparently and to involve as much as possible every worker in relation to the aims and the company productions, together with a professional and precise communication policy.


The environmentally friendly value has gradually become more important for our company, that is to say attention to renewable energy sources and positive energy balance. The company’s attempt is also to avoid wasting materials and time and to pay attention to the production from its very beginning, in order to have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

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Company policy

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