Gualini nuovo brandGualini, an innovative society in curtain walls and building envelope, had no option but to innovate itself starting with its main symbol: the brand.

“Our windows are the eyes of the buildings: they open new insights, unveil new scenarios, trace paths of light, create streams of brightness and protect intimacy, guard privacy and decorate the exteriors of houses, palaces, offices, schools and any other place where life flows with their timeless design.”

This is Ruggero Gualini’s view for every projects and especially the idea behind its own Brand.

The brand evolution that characterizes the company becomes a definite symbol of extreme elegance and recap, where the G letter symbolically embraces and underlines its core business, through a dynamic brand at the forefront. The lettering, without altering its historic precision and clean lines, evolves in greater lightness and cohesion with the initial symbol.

Curtain walls and windows” accompany the brand with extreme synthesis to underline its ambition.

June 15th 2019

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