Another important step from Gualini Spa together with Winditaly Ltd, strategic partner in the Israeli territory, as installation activities have started at the site that will host the new blood bank in Ramla (Tel Aviv area).

A very important project for Magen David Adom, the association that manages emergency medical services and the custody of national blood unit reserves in the Israeli state.

The new center will allow the Israeli state to increase their storage capability for blood reserves within the minimum limits set by the World Health Organization, as well as being the world’s first blood bank featuring three full underground levels shielded against seismic risks, as well as missile and chemical attacks.

Gualini Spa together with Winditaly Ltd., are in charge of the fabrication and installation of curtain walls and windows for the building envelope and guardhouse.

Gualini MDA Blood Bank
Gualini MDA Blood Bank

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