Gualini’s team works at full speed inside the yard of Platon Saclay, located next to the future metro station Orsay-Gif in Paris.

The complex will consist of two buildings: Bâtiment Ideev and Bâtiment Metro. The latter is characterized by an assortment of buildings connected by walkways, the Bâtiment Recherche, for research, and the buildings Plot 1-2-3, Bâtiment Angle and Cœur de Pôle, for teaching.

The assembly of our integrated solutions has continued in recent months. In Bâtiment Ideev, we installed doors and windows. As for Bâtiment Metro, we installed urban windows in Bâtiment Angle, double-skin counter-frames and facades in Cœur de Pôle and counter-frames, streamer frames, facades and urban windows in Bâtiment Recherche.

The goal is to end the activities in charge of Gualini by September 2021.

Gualini Platon Saclay
Gualini Platon Saclay

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