Gualini Spa has been awarded the contract for the construction of facades, windows and cladding of the new buildings as part of the new Testimonio II real estate operation in the Principality of Monaco.

The Testimonio II real estate operation occupies the last available space in the “La Rousse-St Roman” district. The project involves the construction of a building complex consisting of two buildings connecting “Boulevard d’Italie” with “Avenue Princesse Grace”.

The first building comprises the residential part and it’s characterized by a medium-height structure that allows sensational views of the Mediterranean from multi-level terraces and balconies; the complex is spread over six floors and it’s includes about 50 private housing units and 1100 parking spaces.

The second building involves the construction of a multifunctional building with an international school for about 700 students, , a private K-12 school and a nursery for about 50 children; the building is spread over three floors and is characterized by an inclined and sinuous facade.

The “Boulevard du Larvotto” is maintained and it’s the connecting element of the two complexes; it’s in fact located under the residential building and above the international school.


Groupe Marzocco Promotion

General Contractor:

Satri SAM

Architectural design:

Alexandre Gilardi – Arquitectonica

Site acquisition:

January 13th, 2020

Duration of work:

2020 – Work in progress

Address of construction site:

Monaco di Montecarlo

Destination of use:

Private residences, international school

Main products:

Aluminium windows (5.000 m²)
Aluminium curtain wall (1.000 m²)
Steel curtain wall (1.000 m²)
Ventilated glass facade (1.000 m²)
Aluminium coating (640 m²)

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Gualini Testimonio II
Gualini Testimonio II