Principe Amedeo V is among the selected projects for the Mies Van Der Rohe Award, the homonymous foundation’s competition that – since 2001 – is awarded the European Union’s official architecture prize.

This award is an extremely prestigious competition that recognises – since 1987 – the excellence of contemporary architectural works and their added value, especially regarding citizens’ well-being and sustainable development of European cities.

Gualini Spa is proud to have been one of the protagonists of this renewal project’s – signed by Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners studio. The plan provided the building’s architectural requalification with LEED Gold certification’s goal. The project transformed the ex-American Consulate’s headquarters in a fine workmanship-mansion, for office use.

This is a fundamental goal for the company, recognising our constant commitment to urban regeneration and people wellness. And – of course – we never forget the attention to the quality of products and design.

Cover photo: © Diego de Pol

Gualini Principe Amedeo Milano
Gualini via Principe Amedeo Milano

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