Project Description

It is about to rise in Milan, between the already regenerated areas of Porta Nuova and Scalo Farini, a new business hub. Bassi Business Park, the prestigious OBR project, aims to give renewed attractiveness to a series of buildings built in the 70s, aligning them with the rapid development of the surrounding areas. Attention to design and flexible organization of indoor environments are the keywords of the project, which aims to stimulate the personal well-being of the people who will visit the cluster.

In addition to the restoration of the building, the team is planning the air link to other neighboring buildings, to promote new views and easy connection. The interiors, characterized by transparency, flexibility, and innovation, are designed to ensure the comfort of the guests, who will have offices with different areas for teamwork and socialization spaces, such as break areas and panoramic terraces. Even the exteriors, characterized by large glass surfaces, point to stunning architecture, reflective by day and iridescent by night.

Gualini s.p.a. takes care of the production and supply of the envelope to cover the first two lots of three buildings, giving new life to the exteriors of Bassi Business Park, paying attention to sinuosity and modernity during the realization. The new facades consist of curtain walls in an extruded aluminum profiled glass of large dimensions, bordered around the edge by sunshades and pilasters composed of aluminum blades in horizontal and vertical courses realized with over 40 different color nuances. Special steel connecting plates anchor the facade system. The suggestive roof terraces, made of a retractable aluminum profiled glass parapet and the continuation in the vacuum of the aluminum blades architecturally designed pilasters and sunshades, complete the renovation of the exterior.

Generali Real Estate Sgr Spa – Fondo Tiepolo

General Contractor
Impresa Percassi

Studio Open Buildings Research S.r.l.

Construction site acquisition
January 2020

Duration of works
2020 – work in progress

Site address
Ugo Bassi street, 2 / Gustavo Pepe street, 44 Milano

Area of intervention
19.700 m²

Built-up area
71.580 m²

Facade surface
10.400 m²

Destination of use

Main products
aluminum curtain walls, railings, door and window frames

Gualini Bassi business park
Gualini Bassi business park
Gualini Bassi business park
Gualini Bassi business park
Gualini Bassi business park
Gualini Bassi business park
Gualini Bassi business park
Gualini Bassi business park