Project Description

The Chorus Life project is an innovative Smart City model, in which the different generations will live and socialize, sharing the same spaces. It is a neighborhood imagined as a set of services and structures innervated by an invisible technology, called GSM (Global System Model). This platform for urban systems arises from the collaboration between Gewiss, Siemens and Microsoft and thanks to it, digital infrastructure and plant systems can be integrated, favoring the exchange between physical and virtual, for the benefit of the individual and the community.

The project gives a new life to a dismissed industrial area, over 70 thousand square meters, previously occupied by OTE, a company specialized in the production of electrical transformers. The core of the project is a 6,500 indoor seats arena, a space for sporting events and concerts or congresses. The arena will be cladded with a distinctive “dynamic facade”, made up of thousands of aluminum tiles which, moving with the wind and reflecting lights and images during the night, will create iridescent and spectacular effects.

A large square will rise around it with 25 thousand square meters of equipped green spaces. 20 thousand square meters will be used for different kind of services: shops, restaurants, spa, wellness center and gym, plus a sky jogging path upon the panoramic roof.

The other buildings that complete the project are the Stecca Ovest, a building for private residences, an hotel with 100 rooms and a spectacular restaurant overlooking the “Città Alta, and the Stecca Nord, the wellness center of Chorus Life, a building that characterizes the intervention with its volumes and curtain walls with curved glass that creates an extremely innovative appearance.

Chorus Life s.p.a.

General Contractor:
Impresa Percassi s.p.a.

Architectural project:
Joseph di Pasquale – JDP Architects

Duration of works:
2020 – Work in progress

Intended use:
Hotels, residences, wellness center and Arena for sporting events and shows

Main products:
Aluminum windows (2,000 m2)
Curtain walls (12,000 m2)
Cladding (ACP panels, gres, glass) 18,000 sqm
Dynamic facade (3,000 m2)
Railings (5,500 lm)
Suspended metal ceilings (8,500 m2)

Gualini Chorus Life Bergamo
Gualini Chorus Life Bergamo
Gualini Chorus Life Bergamo
Gualini Chorus Life Bergamo
Gualini Chorus Life Bergamo
Gualini Chorus Life Bergamo
Gualini Chorus Life Bergamo
Gualini Chorus Life Bergamo