Project Description

Merlata Bloom is the chosen name for the brand-new sustainable shopping center in the heart of the fist Milan-based urban smart district. The complex will consist of two futuristic buildings connected to the ex-Expo area/MIND through a pedestrian bridge. It will host 190 shops, 40 restaurants and pubs, one Fresh Market, 10.000 m² for “innovative and immersive entertainment” and a multiplex cinema. The “Winter Garden” bioclimatic greenhouse will be the mall’s pride, of course. With its solar greenhouse system to guarantee optimal comfort even without equipment, this indoor garden will provide a temperature-controlled environment – hot during winter and cool during summer. In conclusion, there’ll be indoor gardens and wide terraces to ensure continuous contact with nature, the project’s first inspiration.

For the mall’s coverage, a unique architectural structure with excellent performances has been conceived and defined. This structure allows the mall to take advantage of natural light and using it as the principal source of illumination.

Gualini is taking care of the supply and installation of Custom aluminium facade system with structural sealing and three levels of drainage for this project that – starting from the name – is a tribute to sustainability – a value widely shared by the company.

Client: Cantieri Commerciali S.r.l.
Design: CallisonRTKLDuration of works: january – work in progress
Site adress: Loc. Cascina Merlata
Built-up area: 70.000 sqm (commercial)
Facade surface: 10.850 sqm for the Wintergarden coverage (wood), 8.750 sqm for the Membrana coverage (iron)
Acquisition date: december 2021
Destination of use: shopping center
Main products: Custom aluminum facade system with structural sealing, 3 levels of drainage