Project Description

The “Testimonio II” project occupies the last available space in the “La Rousse – St. Roman” district, located on the eastern front of Montecarlo.
The real estate operation involves the construction of two different buildings that connect “Boulevard d’Italie” with “Avenue Princesse Grace”.
The first building, for residential use, is developed on six levels and consists of 50 private housing units and 1100 parking spaces, with an irregular and curvilinear pattern along its lenght, to do dynamism, a highly distinctive character to the building and ensure sensational views of the Mediterranean. The apartments are characterized by aluminum frames, both sliding and casement, curtain walls and glazed cladding with structural bonding glass.
The second building is composed by three floors and is characterized by a sloping and sinuous facade. The intended use of the building is a multifunctional school, as it involves the construction of an international school for 700 students, a private K-12 school and a nursery for 50 children. The building envelope consists of aluminum windows and facades, completed with glazed cladding and composite natural stone cladding.
The “Boulevard du Larvotto” communication route, that flows between the two buildings, is maintained and is the connecting element of the two complexes. In order to ensure the necessary safety, near the roadway are realized steel facades with fire rated characteristics.

Groupe Marzocco Promotion

General Contractor:
Satri SAM

Alexandre Gilardi – Arquitectonica

Construction site acquisition:
January 2020

Duration of works:
2020 – Work in progress

Site address:
Montecarlo – Monaco

Destination of use:
Private residences and international school

Main products:
Aluminium windows (5.000 m²)
Aluminium curtain walls (1.000 m²)
Steel fire rated curtain walls(1.000 m²)
Ventilated glass facade (1.350 m²)
Aluminium cladding (650 m²)
Internal blinds (4.300 m²)