Consistent with the company’s values, Gualini declines its Sustainability policies in goals and structured programmes, with actions and initiatives sized on the specifics of its production activities and on the expectations of stakeholders and territory in its sphere of influence.

Gualini’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the company’s work through a constant focus on the key factors of the business in relation to the impact on the environment, to the health and safety of its workers and all stakeholders involved in the production and implementation cycle of the projects and on social responsibility and influence on the territory.

Protection of the environment

Gualini aims to preventing, minimising, mitigating and offsetting the environmental footprint caused by its activities and plays a leading role in the transition to a circular, low-carbon economy.

Thanks to the 750 KW photovoltaic system installed on the roof of its headquarters, Gualini is totally self-sufficient in terms of energy.

The total amount of energy produced by renewable sources significantly exceeds domestic consumption and, translated into TOE (tons of oil equivalent), exceeds the total energy needs of the company including natural gas for heating and vehicle fuel.

Circular economy, responsible use of resources, systematic adoption of the best viable options and effective management systems contribute decisively to the creation of environmental value.

In recognition of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System implemented, GUALINI has obtained and maintains certification for environmental management according to ISO 14001 standard.


The LEED is a voluntary certification programme that can be applied to any type of building (both commercial and residential) and covers the entire life cycle of the building itself, from design to construction.

LEED promotes a sustainability-oriented approach, recognising the performance of buildings in key sectors, such as energy and water savings, CO2 reduction, improving the ecological quality of the interior, materials and resources, project, and site choice. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the system is based on the rewarding of ‘credits’ for each requirement.

Gualini’s integrated solutions are of primary importance in acquiring LEED credits for their customers. The company has developed an integrated internal process of managing processes aimed at early identification of the requirements involved and implementing the necessary measures to ensure compliance with the requirements within the framework general design.

Finished or on-going projects subjected to LEED certification:

Health Safety and Society

Gualini supports internationally proclaimed human rights and builds relationships with all its stakeholders on mutual engagement, active partnership, trust, transparency and long-term collaboration. In addition, it is committed to ensuring opportunity and treatment equality, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, social conditions or origins, religion, sexual or political orientation shall otherwise.

Finally, it builds and maintains relationships with the local community through needs understanding, promoting sustainable local projects that do not generate dependency relationships, and regular stakeholder engagement.

Gualini considers safety, protection and promotion of health and well-being of the individual as fundamental values to be integrated into all its activities. This principle extends to employees, businesses, suppliers, visitors, local communities and every other interested party included in its sphere of influence.

It takes concrete measures to eliminate accidents, injuries and illnesses caused at work, reducing risks in all its activities. It also aims to achieve the highest levels of collective and individual awareness, encouraging a process of continuous improvement through the adoption of effective management systems and visible leadership as the key to success.

Management systems

For the management of health and safety aspects, Gualini adopts a certified management system in accordance with the ISO 45001 regulation.