Designing, manufacturing and installation of complex solutions with a high level of customisation

Gualini studies and realises custom-made integrated solutions for the building envelope. Working as a partner for real estate developers, designers or construction companies, Gualini has specialised in designing, manufacturing and installation of complex solutions with a high level of customisation, identifying the most suitable systems to guarantee the building performance (static, thermal, acoustic and resistance to air, water, wind and fire) and combining the most challenging visual solutions.

The high level of specialisation of the company’s Technical Management that combines knowledges of designing and engineering optimisation and the modern production facilities guarantee a high level of integration of the projects in the management of the construction activities, the containment of the construction time schedule and the high quality of the product.

The adoption of projects management structured processes of guarantees the quality of the service for the customer, the prompt management of possible unplanned events and the respect of  project goals even in high complexity contexts , and in case of extremely compressed time schedules.

Gualini’s realisations are characterised by the aesthetic and performance quality, the high service standards and the reliability of a company capable of facing challenging contexts and managing the risks in a professional and structured way.

The integrated solutions by Gualini can satisfy the most demanding artistic directions thanks to the right composition of the available technologies of the field and the incessant research of new solutions, the development of customised systems and the optimisation of different elements in order to guarantee the best performance and the aesthetic quality at a competitive price.