High design skills, engineering optimisation and performance verification are the basis of the performance of the building.

The design of integrated solutions represents an essential aspect for projects development, the complete satisfaction of customers requirements and current regulations respect. The prompt analysis of project features, the detail planning of the activities and the employment of integrated management systems to foster supply processes and production represent one of Gualini’s strong points.

The company’s technical management combines design skills and engineering optimisation combining the performance verifications under static, thermal, acoustic and air-water-wind resistance point of view in the architectural design process. R&D activities guarantee the conformity of proposed solutions with the most recent technological research through the development of new products and the optimisation of production processes to ensure the highest competitivity and the most efficient time management, in line with the increasingly challenging needs of the market.

The technical department, essential for the executive development of the projects, represents one of the main unit within the Technical Management thanks to a team that through its experience makes possible the creation of suitable projects to every kind of requirements and integrated with Gualini’s production competence.

Starting from customer requirements and paying particular attention to current regulations and the state of the art, the projects are realised and studied in great detail with the help of 2D /3D modelling, , parametric software and BIM tools and techniques.

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Gualini project management

A team of qualified engineers who always pay attention to innovations, offers its own professionalism in support of the entire technical area, guaranteeing the feasibility of the planning solutions that are proposed and the respect of the current regulations.

The project is analysed, developed and optimised from its very beginnings, with the help of specific calculations software, in order to guarantee the highest performing standards, both from a static and thermo-acoustic point of view. At the same time, it guarantees the simplification of the construction works of the finished product.

The static analysis is conducted globally and at detail level for curtain wall systems, ventilated facades, doors and windows, coverings and metal workings with the help of the most recent modelling and calculation software. The study of technological details through Finite Elements Analysis (FEM) guarantees the optimisation of the integrated envelope performance and allow the advance resolution of potential criticalities.

Gualini thermical analysis

R&D activities are constantly dedicated to the creation of new high-tech products and systems to improving the existing ones and optimizing production processes.  In an ever-changing market these activities turn to ensure innovative solutions in step with the times both in terms of manufacturing and efficiency of production and installation processes.

The aim is to be able to meet any design need, offering the most experienced customers a wide choice. Every solution, from the simplest to the most articulate, is tested and certified in the internal laboratories.

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