The management of the installation activities and the related coordination with the other jobsite operations are a key aspect of Gualini’s business.

The assignment of a Site Manager in charge of coordinating the building site activities starting from measurements in the field to the testing of the installed works, the presence of technical supervisory staff and the continuous support of the Project Manager, the production of logistics services within the laying activities are the key to the success of the projects.

The ability to adapt assembly sequences to the specific needs of the job site and the ability to identify innovative solutions to ensure the correct execution of operations make Gualini the ideal partner in the management of the construction sites  in terms of construction time compliance and integration of related activities.

Gualini works with the most qualified installation companies operating on the reference markets, to ensure that the installtion activities are carried out in accordance with the highest standards of safety and quality of execution.

The constantly collaboration with the selected companies allows to develop partnerships and integration of management processes in order to assure high standards of service to the customer.

The periodical qualification processes of the installation companies guarantee the constant monitoring of the performances of the selected partners and the quality control of the installed product to comply with the covering performances in accordance with the legal and contractual requirements.

Gualini project management