Gualini’s manufacturing units are characterized by production plants with a high level of automation.

These includes:

  • sequential automatic loading units;
  • numerically controlled work centres with five- or six-axes;
  • sequential automatic unloading units;
  • coordinated and synchronized phased assembling lines for windows and facades
  • structural bonding

The use of very specialised manpower guarantees the best product realisation quality combining at the same time an industrial production system with the refinement of handcrafted manufacturing.

The material tracking system with the use of bar-codes and modern process automation technologies, combined with the implementation of an ISO-9001/2015 Certified Quality Management System, ensure integrated production management and timely control of the products.

20,000 sqm of covered surface area

mullions/transoms curtain walls production: 15,000 sqm/month

Production of cell facades and windows/doors: 6,000 sqm/month

Production of ventilated facades/claddings: 7,000 sqm/month

sqm of covered surface area
monthly production of mullions/transoms curtain walls
monthly production of cell facades and windows/doors in sqm
monthly production of ventilated facades/claddingsin sqm
GUALINI project management
Gualini project management