Mullions/Transoms Curtain walls

Mullion/Transoms curtain walls have reached over time a high level of perfection and today they represent a reliable and tested product. These facades have evolved from the aesthetic point of view and in particular the external profiles of the facade are available in different shapes and colours that consent a wide choice for the architectural study of the envelope.

In addition to the normal facades of aluminium, which employment is very common and spread, Gualini is able to realise curtain walls with profiles of painted steel, stainless steel or bronze. The facades, realised with these innovative materials, have specific functional features (particularly fire resistance), in addition to different aesthetic performance.

Structural and semi-structural curtain walls

In the field of structural and semi-structural facades Gualini offers a vast range of profiles and glasses and it is able to propose solutions that allow the realisation of an optimal internal comfort, in addition to a fine aesthetic value of the project.

Unitised curtain walls

Unitised walls represent a solution with a high technological content and a high customisation level for the realisation of building envelopes. In this area there are the development projects of  double skin facades” that, in addition to consent wide and different architectural solutions, allow to obtain a considerable energy saving both during winter and summer season.

The appropriate design of the facades is in this case essential, with particular attention to energetic and thermodynamic behaviour, to define the most proper type of infill of the envelope, both transparent and opaque.

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