To complete the planning and the integrated achievement of the building covering Gualini is able to realize high performing ventilated facades and claddings.

The ventilated facades stem from different needs; among these there is the function of protecting buildings from the combined action of rain and wind. In fact the use of a ventilated facades system counteract or strongly reduce the weathering effects on the wall and its structure.

A further benefit of the application of ventilated facades is the reduction of the heat load on the building structure thanks to the fact that the panels reflect or filter the solar radiation while the ventilation created by the gap between panel and wall structure, combined with the application of an insulating layer, ensures a high level of thermal insulation.

All this allows a significant decrease in cooling and heating costs and a considerable increase in housing comfort.

Gualini creates ventilated facades using different types of coating in accordance with the technical and aesthetic needs of the client’s project.

Gualini is specialised in the creation of ventilated facades with composite aluminium panels, strong and durable materials that contribute to an excellent thermal insulation, possibility of fire resistance, lightness.

The panels consist of two outer layers of aluminium bound by an extruded thermoplastic core and are made through a continuous production process. The sheets are made of aluminium with varying thickness and the coupling made with the extruded thermoplastic nucleus makes the material resistant to the weathering elements while maintaining its structural characteristics even when subjected to high temperature variations.

There are many additional technical and architectural solutions that can be achieved with panels of different composition and finishing: tiles, terracotta, fiber-cement, plastic materials in general.

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