Project management and customers management represent the keystone of Gualini’s business model.

Gualini’s Project Manager embodies the reference point for the customer in the activities management in order to guarantee timing and quality of the given solutions.

From its very beginning phase each project is assigned to a Project Manager in order to ensure the proper management of all the related activities and guarantee an efficient communication-line with the customer.

By the application of structured processes, according to the main international reference standards, the Project Manager deals with the different project operations, which are based on the 5C paradigm.


Ensure the correct allocation of internal resources and exercise a guideline function, identifying action priorities and managing related risks and opportunities.


Guarantee the proper flow of information within the project team, attend to the communication with customers and the company board, actively deal with the project stakeholders.

”Cronoprogramma” (time schedule)

Carefully plan the project activities, identify the critical path and allocate appropriate time contingencies for risk management. Ensure compliance with project times by promptly identifying possible delays and implementing appropriate corrective actions. Periodically update the time schedule and evaluate the progress of tasks to constantly assure time monitoring.


Setting a operating project budget.
Periodic assessment of the costs of the project; updating of the final estimate, variance analysis and identification of possible corrective actions to ensure the proper management of the project and align it with the Company’s business goals.


Management of the active contract with the customer, coordination of the administrative requirements, calculation of the Project Progress and management of its contradictory approval, handling of contractual changes/variations.

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